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Alisha McKiver - Carson

My leap of faith was not an easy decision, but I am told it was inevitable. My family says I was born to be a Chef.  I am the fourth generation of a strong, loving, and supportive family, who simply excel at cooking. I have been cooking since I was eight years old, by the side of some excellent teachers including my Great Grandmothers, Christine Brown and Petronia Palmer; my Grandmother, Rosa Brown and her sister Aunt Sallie and the youngest sister, my other Mother, who I simply call "Auntie"; and my dear Mother, Lisa Brown. As a family, we use food as the catalyst to get together and simply enjoy each other's company.


I am the first Great-Grandchild of my family. “I am well loved”, as Auntie says. I know they are proud of me for continuing the tradition of preparing great food with love.


I have worked in the food industry for over 10 years. I love creating different recipes.


My husband, Victor, our children, and I have set out on this journey together. However, as you see, we have not been alone.  Our family, friends, and our wonderful Father God have been with us every step of the way. This leap of faith has truly been a blessing.


Thank you for your continuous support of Newman's Catering Company, LLC.


- A Family with Purpose.

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